Come Experience the Joy of Music

About the Instructor

Amy AllredMy name is Amy Allred, and I have been studying the piano for around 35 years. I opened my first studio in 1993 when I lived in Sandy. I studied music at the University of Utah and had the opportunity to teach piano in the University of Utah’s school of music program for elementary students. I opened up my computer-based music lab in 1998, and I have been using the aide of technology-based learning along with personal and group instruction since then. I have taught students from ages 4 to adult, and I have found that it’s never too late to begin studying music and the piano.

In addition to providing piano training, I have appeared on the stages of the Grand Theatre, the Grove Theatre, Hale Centre Theatre, Kingsbury Hall and the Off Broadway Theatre in several ballets, musicals and plays as an actress, dancer, music director, choreographer and pianist, and it was my love of music and piano that drew me to the stage.

I love teaching, and music and the piano has always been an important part of my life. As a child studying this instrument taught me how to enjoy music and the sound of the piano when it was played well. In my teens I learned what hard work, dedication and discipline can bring as music has constantly brought me great joy and satisfaction. There is much more to learn about music than simply just the art of "playing the piano," and I hope to have the opportunity to share that with you.